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Pax Vaporizer Review

The top of the line portable oven vaporizer

The Pax Vaporizer comes in four choices, Amethyst Purple, Onyx Black, Cobalt Blue, and Emerald Green. I decided to go with the blue. From the moment I unpacked the Pax Vaporizer, it was apparent how much went into the design of this small device. I was expecting a typical cheep plastic device but was instead surprised by how solid and sleek it actually is. This lovely little piece of joy is designed in San Francisco but like most electric device, is actually manufactured in China. Although most products made in China have a stigma for being cheaply made, this is far from meeting that negative criteria. It’s clear that Ploom has a good quality control team on staff.

Whats inside?

    • (1)Device
    • (1) AC Wall Charging Dock
    • (1) Cleaning Kit
    • (2) Packets of Mouthpiece Lubricant
    • (1) Pax Instruction Manual


    Now lets get into the guts of this device. The Pax sports a 2600 mAh lithium ion cell battery which take about an hour and a half to fully charge from the point the battery is completely flat lined. With power, it of course is able to heat up any loose leaf (preferably after being put through a grinder) by pure convection.

    Different settings to choose from

    The Pax offers three different temperature settings each with it’s own color on the X-shaped LED light to reflect what setting it is on. This is done by removing the mouth piece and pushing the white button with in the chamber to cycle through the different temperatures. The three settings are below.

    • Low, Yellow = 370℉
    • Medium, Orange = 390℉
    • High, Red = 410℉

    It’s nice to have a mouth piece that retracts into itself for a more discrete look and feel. It also helps to keep the device sanitized while not in use in your pocket or purse.

    One recommendation though when using your own Pax, make sure to pack in the oven tightly with the loose leaf of your choice to get the best use out of it. It’s also worth to note, though this is easily one of the best portable Vaporizers on the market, it’s worth is still dependent on the quality of the loose leaf being used. The best hits are taken by taking slow draws and short hits. Also, expect anywhere between 15 to 30 good hits from a packed in oven before having to re-pack.

    The battery, while not amazing, should get you where you need to go for a few sessions before having to be recharged. Maintaining this device is also easily done with a Q-tip or any type of pipe cleaner. This should be done once after the oven has been cleared out to prevent any sticky gunk with future use.

    Final thoughts
    Over all, Pax made an incredible portable loose leaf vaping experience possible in this small stylish yet discrete device and I will gladly recommend this product to anyone looking the most out of their vaping needs.

    Pax Vaporizer by Ploom






    Battery Life



    • Amazing design
    • Cleaning and maintaining is a breeze
    • Easily change temperature
    • Mouth Piece retracts to be easily put away


    • Battery life could be longer

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